Introduction to Reliatrain

Providing this training for your employees ensures quality and effectiveness in your processes. Watch this video to see how we can integrate this training into your company.


Meet Bill Haughey, Founder.

Bill’s extensive experience with reliability methods and detailed training approach provides engineers knowledge and confidence they can utilize in their daily work.

Meet Industry Standards and eliminate debates, while meeting design requirements.

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Transform your analysis process into a value added engineering tool that delivers Reliable Products!

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Master the natural flow of information that delivers Reliable Processes and Products

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Meet Our Clients

"Bill has a thorough understanding of the GD3 methodology and I consider him an expert in both DRBFM and DRBTR. Bill has the knowledge and skills to support any company to improve their quality processes."

− Tatsuhiko Yoshimura, former Global Executive Director of GM

"Our mission of ReliaTrain, "Reliability Training" is to have a network of quality and reliability experts that can support short or long term needs of any company."

− Bill Haughey